A1-Grit Has Concluded Testing
A-1 Grit Company is testing roofing aggregates in order to establish a testing method for solar reflectance of aggregate surfaces in various colors and sizes. Many of our products qualify for LEED visit the U.S. Green Building Council for more information. 

White Ballast
A-1 Grit White Ballast is made from a natural white marble material .  A-1 Grit White Ballast is an alternative to pavers and traditional fasteners that potentially create multiple leak sources. 

LEED Credits

A1-Grit Products 


SS7.1Reducing Heat Island (Non-roof)Colored rock, any color and size
Aggregate roofing, any color
SS7.2Reducing Heat Island (Roof)Aggregate roofing, any color

WE1.1Water Efficient LandscapingColored rock, any color and size1
MR2.1Construction Waste Mgmt.Any color and size aggregate/sand/gravel materials reused in landscaping or concrete1
MR4.1Recycled ContentIndustrial Fill Sand is 100% Post Industrial recycled content1
MR5.1Regional MaterialsAll A1-Grit products are extracted, processed and manufactured regionally1