A-1 Grit Company separates itself from other roofing aggregate manufactures by investing in the equipment and technology that is required to produce "Kiln Dried & Screened Aggregates".

This process ensures the end user that the material will be dry, cleaned and accurately graded.  We do not believe that any other company in the United States goes through this costly and time consuming process to produce roofing aggregates.  This is why users of A-1 Grit Roofing Aggregate ask for us by name.  We have documented case studies of 20 year old A-1 Grit Company roofs that are still performing well. 

The kiln drying process is essential to drying the material. Once the aggregate is dried, it can then be screened (cleaned) and accurately graded to conform to roofing ASTM & UBC specifications. This process ensures proper adhesion to the asphalt. Aggregates that do not undergo this process do not adhere correctly to the bitumen because of dust and moisture. Unprocessed aggregates will not adhere properly and will migrate, which eventually causes premature roof failure due to exposure of the  underlayment.